Monday, January 4, 2010

It is another blog renovation

Since I cannot tahan the distorted imaged publish in my previous template, I've decided to change to a not so complicated template, so that I can manage it better, and more importantly, a customizable template which is hassle free.

I do not have the ideal background image for my blog yet, so I pick this one, which was taken by my gf during a seafood dinner at Batu Maung. I was told that it looks like Jimbaran in Bali, is that so?

Anyway, the photo is well taken. Nice job, dear.



#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

Oh... the Gem Island slideshow gone :(

Nice sunset photo taken using your camera... I love this photo too... and the blog title :)

choonshih said...


#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

因为 你 + 我 = 十个太阳 :p