Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Adidas Futsal Boots

I think I bought this boots 2 weeks ago, and I have not get any chance to wear it yet, as everybody is busy attending wedding, and go for year end holidays. Looks like I can only wear this during 2010. I paid RM99 after the 50% discount. I think it is really bery bery bery 'tai'.

Hopefully the boots can help to execute my shots better, faster, and more accurate. wuakakakaka.... Come on, guys. I want to play futsal!!!!



sootong said...

I want to play futsal also... become fat liao... why no kaki???

#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

I saw you played better with this new shoes on the field this afternoon :p

choonshih said...

hmm...it was actually not very good because it is a bit bigger and I cannot get a firm contact when I hit it hard.

#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

wear thicker socks lor