Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New 500GB Seagate External HDD

I have waited for 3 weeks in order to get this from Singapore, paying cheaper price. Good thing is it is not in the market yet, I don't know some how there is a empty head to get it. Cons is the warranty is just for one month only. I already got it for 2 weeks but I just partitioned it last Sunday. Amazing huh? It is a bit thicker than the Free Agent Go, but the sporty look is not that bad too. The colour.... err... I have no choice.

As long as it performs what it made to do, then I won't complain much. Hope it will last for another 5-7 years. LOL... I have to give my old drive to mother, she has a lot of multimedia files to keep too.

Hopefully Seagate drive don't let me down. WD (old) too.


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