Sunday, November 29, 2009

Debt Settlement Weekend

Just saw that November payroll was debited into my account, it is time to pay my DEBTS again, 2 credit card bills, car loan, personal debt, and so on... The money just cannot rest well in my account. Looks like I have to do something about it. The repayment for car loan still 5 years to go, really cannot imagine that, even how did I manage to pay that for the last 2 years? Maybe I just don't want they tow my car away.

Credit card bills are something that I can control, but most of the spending is on necessities like petrol, food and so on. Not really spending a lot on clothes and those 'I want' things. Some more, the telecommunication provider's bill is auto credited each month. I don't feel the pain paying it, but I am paying it every month.

Not to mention about the study loan that I have forgotten about it for quite some time. *blek*

Hopefully, the the investment decisions that I've made can help me to yield something in short and long term, else I cannot see I moving away from this rat race soon.

Cammon.... I should proud that I'm still doing well. So, temporary I don't need this.

yeah yeah...

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