Monday, July 13, 2009

Happily Broke

Life means expecting the unexpected things, that's not the end, you have to learn to accept it.

I'm want to take part in full marathon but due to my futsal games, I often get injured and that affects my training program. I want to get myself a heart beat monitor to let myself train for the full marathon but I am in a complicated T-junctions, because I want to get myself a DSLR flash, I think I can squeeze myself to acquire both of them as my 2009 presents.

However, my beloved "wife", whose name is Honda City PHM9812 was throwing tanthrum at me, the tyres puncture because of nothing. I planned to get the tyres change at40k, some how Goodyear tyres really cannot last that long. The official distance traveled is 29479. So sad... end up I have to pay RM770 for 4 new Michelin tyres. I really hope it can last at least 50k this round, as I paid for the quality.

So, how now? Tick tock, tick tock... I think the heart rate monitor will be omitted from my wish list, and I'm not doing full marathon this year. I'll pay full attention on getting the DSLR flash. Hopefully I can squeeze it out from somewhere of nowhere. Maybe I'll ask my boss, when are you going to pay me the 10% back?

I foresee something which I need to pay in coming months and it is getting tougher and tougher. I never want to position myself in this kind of situation. Hopefully I can live my life without those 'unneccesary' things, or broke happily and live happily.

Flash first... more trips coming. How am I going to save money? No way, unless I cut them out.


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