Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review of 6 weeks into 2011

I guess there are not much thing to review at the moment, because most of the action items or projects are long term basis, but I'm not feeling comfortable with myself.

  • I think I need to make a gantt chart to prepare notes for the tuition classes. 3 classes in a week is never easy, and I find myself cannot resist the temptation of getting a bit more rest that leads to periodic inactivity.
  • It is time to get back on track to the working mode. The brain is kind hang like a 368 computer, slow in processing data, and slow in responding. Need to refurbish the hardware, and move to quadcore immediately.
  • Things are getting haywire. Room is in a mess, account management is a not updated, files on computers and portable drives are not well-organized. Need to prioritize and finish one by one.
  • Renovation is behind the schedule, need to talk with parents and get things running after for long rest for CNY.
Of course, there are some good things:

  • Completed the ROM and really happy to at least complete one important action item in 2011. But, this is just the beginnning.
  • Replaced running with cycling. The ankle injury is not fully recover yet. Probably need to see sin seh again to make sure that it is fixed. Cycling is not really my hobby, but at least it gets me going.
  • Get things running in the office. Things and I mean critical things are coming to my way, my director told me to salvage 0.8-1% yield gain. Wow.... again, time management is important.
I shall start doing something, rather than blogging already.

-Everyday is a good day-

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