Sunday, February 27, 2011

It is not the worst week that I had...

Not many people know that I had an accident last Monday, but I had to let some people know. I banged the back of a car just at the exit of my company, so you know how the car owner would be, right? She is my colleague, not very close to me since she is in IT department.

I'm sorry for being an asshole for the reckless driving since I had something else in my mind, that's the last thing to do when you're driving. Luckily, she is a very very nice lady, not even a word that she wanted to 'condemn' me. I was in hurry, but the worst thing at the moment was her car cannot move, holy shit.... so I have to come up with some strategy she knows none that really can help. So, I am the guy.

I called for towing service, I tailed her car to the workshop, to let the spray and metal work business owner assess the damage and the cost of repair. Before that, I had to ask HuiMing to send the lady home. I had to postponed my tuition. See, just because of my carelessness, I had to waste so much time of others... really feel bad about that.

I did not feel really bad about myself, but feel lucky that my mistake did not cause something worse, that could cause any injuries, I can't afford that. Luckily, everything is about money only for this round.

Settled the car of the lady on Wednesday, lead time = 2 days. Settle my car on Friday, lead time = 4 days. Kinda satisfy with how everything goes. So, no pain, no gain. Have to be careful and caution whenever whoever is driving. Pay attention.

- E.N.D.-

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