Friday, September 11, 2009

'Prawn Aliens @D9' & 'disGRACE'

Ohh... first, I though here comes another alien movie, expecting something new. In fact, there is something new or freash, I did not see aliens, but a lot of prawns out there. OMG... since when that aliens become the victim of human being on the earth? I never saw not so good looking alien so tame... cannot imagine.

The whole point of the movie is hovering around the human who is transforming to the 'prawn' after some 'fuel' spilled on his face. It is more like a documentary show of the 'human alien', rather than talking about the aliens. I like the spacecraft, the weapon, the machine and the ending only. The others are quite disappointing.

Maybe I was expecting an fiction plus action movie, but I felt like watching an documentary show. Sigh... but it is good that some people still can sense the humanity in aliens. Nowadays, not many humans behave like humans anymore.

This is another movie that I scanned through, because I was too sleepy with the slow story line. I was so eager to see the 'blood' scene, but it was not really a lot about that one until near the end of the story.

I cannot imagine that what is the unconditional love from a mother that feeding her baby with blood, just because the baby needs it. How long does a mother take to realize that a baby is sucking milk or blood from her nipples? Sucking and biting make a difference, so I guess it comes back the undying love from a mother.

The ending is very disgusting! A mother covering with blood and a teething baby. arhh...

I do not recommend this movie to ladies because you might have phobia carrying a baby in the future.


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