Monday, September 14, 2009

Indonesian DL is coming

I was sitting in the car on my way back from the vendor site audit. A question was asked about the company volume and head count to support the manufacturing operation. 3 managers there and 1 engineer, so it would be a great idea to just listen and don't talk. I heard that many Indonesian operators will be hired, separated into 3 groups. The earliest to hit the factory production floor would be in December 2009.

Indonesian operators, maids, or whatever related to Indonesia work force was/is a hot topic between Malaysia and Indonesia now. A story was told by a QA manager that once an auditor caught an Indonesian DL (direct labour) with make up in the cleanroom, and to escape herself from any disiplinary action, she offered herself to the auditor. The manager is not sure that whether the immoral trade between them got through or not, but it tells me that is just a small fraction of the whole picture.

They come here as a foreigner, they earn around RM600 for 15 shift working days per month. They have to repay the agent fees that help them to get into Malaysia, RM200 gone! They have to send some money home to support their family, potentially RM200 gone. The balance is RM200 or slightly more, what can they do with that amount of money? Can they make a living with that?

They might need to do something against their will or they have to do something else to survive. I heard that they can easily earn RM100 by providing 'service' in karaoke, not sexual service though, but I guess that is not something that you and I will be proud of. I am sad to hear this and I pity them. I hope they will get better, and as a Malaysia, I hope we don't try to take any advantage on them. Treatly them with respect, and hopefully this thing will get better.


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