Monday, March 16, 2009


昨天在FB玩游戏时,遇到一个心情不是很好的赌徒a.k.a.网民。正当我在想要ALL IN时,错过了赢取10000的机会,电脑“吊”了。好显~!然后就开始了这个很可笑的网谈,连我自己也不明白为什么我会浪费那么多时间在“它”身上。但是它让见识到人可以那样9不搭8,可以那样无聊,可以那样幼稚,可以一句话得罪身边全部人。


Choon Shih Tan: 10000
Wong Boon: shut up...
Choon Shih Tan: anything wrong?
Wong Boon: u busybody...
Choon Shih Tan: ok.. calm down... 
Wong Boon: now am hot...
Choon Shih Tan: why so?
Wong Boon: u not donate $$$ for me..
Choon Shih Tan: huh/... donate? ii'm losing
Wong Boon: then u talk so much for what...
Choon Shih Tan: just now i dont know my Pc got problem.. folded double 10
Choon Shih Tan: you are hot but i'm sleepy
Wong Boon: i didn ask ur pc,i say u what u talk so much..
Choon Shih Tan: ignore me if i bother you
Wong Boon: u gila...
Wong Boon: thats my manner
Choon Shih Tan: sure...:D
Wong Boon: where u from..
Choon Shih Tan: PG
Wong Boon: ???
Choon Shih Tan: Penang siland
Wong Boon: so i come to ur place,wanna fight..
Choon Shih Tan: huh? you mean it? you are from Penang too/
Wong Boon: up  to u..
Wong Boon: how?
Choon Shih Tan: whatever... i might go to sleep soon
Wong Boon: i say fight,u say sleep?
Choon Shih Tan: why wanna fight/
Wong Boon: fight is let go our pressure...
Choon Shih Tan: maybe for you.. but i dont think so
Choon Shih Tan: nice hand
Wong Boon: u dun want fight then..
Wong Boon: non of ur bussiness
Choon Shih Tan: okie... whatever
Wong Boon: what u mean???
Choon Shih Tan: means it is none of my business
Wong Boon: fight?
Choon Shih Tan: sorry. NO.
Wong Boon: u r not a men...
Ray : it's man
Choon Shih Tan: typo error?
Wong Boon: want fight?
Choon Shih Tan: let us finish everything on this table.
Wong Boon: thats not a reality..
Choon Shih Tan: fight physically is not good for you and me as well.
Choon Shih Tan: yes... it is just a game.
Wong Boon: u penang where... i come.
Choon Shih Tan: burma road
Choon Shih Tan: nice hand again
Wong Boon: want fight?
Ray : give him an address to a gay bar, he'll get his frustration out there
Wong Boon: ray u gay..
Choon Shih Tan: Ray, maybe he is just stressed out, just him some space will do. dont you think so/
Choon Shih Tan: give him some space
Ray : yeah, and I like to abuse little sh.ts like you
Wong Boon: come find...dun just say only .. little dude
Choon Shih Tan: did i just offend you, Ray?
Ray : there's nothing worse then an internet tough
Ray : guy
Wong Boon: that your mentally problem..
Ray : no you didn't. your being the man
Choon Shih Tan: Thx for that.
Wong Boon: how u know am men...
Ray : cause you can't even spell 
Wong Boon: cause u r english men..
Wong Boon: english men suck..
Ray : when a man apologizes, the other man excepts it
Ray : unless he's an internet tough guy
Colin Norton: f    uck u wong
Wong Boon: come on..
Choon Shih Tan: he is starting to insult other people.>>omg
Wong Boon: so
Wong Boon: all in 1
Colin Norton: english and proud
Ray : he's pissed because his boygriend stood him up and now he has to spanky his wanky all by him self
Choon Shih Tan: i dont think he can understand you, ray.
Wong Boon: u better become a gay
Wong Boon: dun put this photo
Ray : I'm flattered, but I'm married
Wong Boon: aiya..married can divorce...
Ray : not me, my wife is my life
Wong Boon: divorce is a good idea..
Ray : only in a bad mariage
Wong Boon: how u know tommorow what happen,may b tommorow u accident then die
Ray : maybe, but I still have today
Wong Boon: u die your wife follow too...
Choon Shih Tan: I'm ALL IN.
Ray : LMAO
Choon Shih Tan: ray, don't be up set..OK?
Wong Boon: thats reality..
Ray : reality are a scrawny little sh.t
Wong Boon: u better accept it..
Ray : if you were here. you wouldn't be talking sh.t
Ray : thanx natty
Wong Boon: if u here,your family may b lose..
Ray : LMAO
Ray : you ever thought of being a comedian?
Choon Shih Tan: ray, mind to share what is LMAO? 1st time i've encounter this abr.
Ray : laughing my ass off
Wong Boon: so how,tommorow what happen to u/
Wong Boon: become gay or divorce?
Ray : depens on how cute you are wang
Wong Boon: cute only u not me..
Wong Boon: may be u will choose divorse 
Wong Boon: may b u will choose divorse
Choon Shih Tan: wong, may i ask where do you come from? You are jeopordizing M'sia image.
Wong Boon: am talking wit choon u avoid
Choon Shih Tan: so embarassing ...
Ray : LMAO
Ray : Choon, your the man
Wong Boon: yeah malaysai ia a bad country...u proud our country
Ray : Wang needs to go take a nap
Ray : were alot badder then you think
Wong Boon: that reality...
Wong Boon: ray...
Wong Boon: hello...ray
Ray : hello....wong
Wong Boon: u agree am say?
Wong Boon: u agree what am say
Choon Shih Tan: wong, go back to school.
Wong Boon: may b i will
Ray : LMAO
Wong Boon: but no 1 sponser?
Wong Boon: u sponser?
Choon Shih Tan: primary school will do... polish up your grammar first.
Choon Shih Tan: i'm wondering why i talk so much to you as well.
Wong Boon: am not a education plp,so i just know fght.\
Ray : you can know both
Wong Boon: so u wanna fight?
Choon Shih Tan: your english is not bad...
Wong Boon: choon,how old r u..
Choon Shih Tan: nice 8.
Ray : ty
Choon Shih Tan: i'm 26.
Wong Boon: my fren die 26 in cancer..
Choon Shih Tan: many people die even not been to school.
Wong Boon: include u?
Choon Shih Tan: thanks to my parents, they still can raise me to be an engineer.
Ray : what kind choon?
Wong Boon: but until the end,they cant see u longer.
Choon Shih Tan: i studied in material engineering but now working as process engineer.
Wong Boon: its a same thing,die.
Choon Shih Tan: specialize in ESD control.
Wong Boon: am not asking ur work for what,am saying reality.
Ray : thats good work, could work anywhere in th world
Choon Shih Tan: wong, from the way you talk, i can sense that you are fragile from the inside. who hurt you?
Wong Boon: u say only,who will pay him.
Ray : in reality wong, we're all gonna die.
Ray : So I agree with you there
Wong Boon: may be u die 1sy then i.
Ray : maybe
Choon Shih Tan: ray, i think I still need a lot of exposure and experience in this filed, kinda challenging.
Choon Shih Tan: *field
Ray : you'll do great
Wong Boon: so see u at devil..
Choon Shih Tan: thanks. how about you/
Choon Shih Tan: devil is not a palce...wong.
Wong Boon: whatever...
Ray : railroad conductor
Choon Shih Tan: I see...
Wong Boon: ray want me to introduce a lawyer...
Ray : wong, if you didn't go to school and learned to fight instead the open your owndojo
Choon Shih Tan: is that your wife in the profile pic, ray?
Ray : your own martial arts studio
Ray : yes it is
Choon Shih Tan: she is gorgeous...
Ray : ty
Wong Boon: ?
Wong Boon: ray..
Ray : open your  own martial arts studio
Wong Boon: no $$$$, u sponser.
Ray : you know that most of the masters started on the streets 
Choon Shih Tan: since you are so motivated, why not fight for it?
Wong Boon: yeah,u have been before.
Ray : watch for some local tournaments and fight in it. If your really good someone will sponser you
Wong Boon: choon toy,a while u not yet go back sleep,
Wong Boon: engineer
Choon Shih Tan: thanks for concerning but i am about to get excited what to tell my friends tmr.
Wong Boon: tell your ownself,dun tell ur fren
Wong Boon: u r not a responsibility person..
Ray : wong, you seem like a friend of mine from old. He was good but not focused. Get your focus and you'll go far
Choon Shih Tan: don't worry, i won't tell people about you. I'll tell them I met ray.
Wong Boon: yeah,because u r the same person,gay.....
Ray : thanx
Choon Shih Tan: ALL IN... and i'm going to sleep.
Ray : I gotta go to work as well.
Choon Shih Tan: ray, forget about wong and have fun.
Wong Boon: who bother u,udie or whatever no want will bother u..
Choon Shih Tan: Ray, have a nice day.
Ray : you too choon
Wong Boon: have a nice sex.
Ray : LOL
Choon Shih Tan: wong, sleep early as well. Your brain damage is becoming more and more severe.
Choon Shih Tan: wait until i get a partner, OK?
Choon Shih Tan: chao...
Wong Boon: tq



Tyng said...

That Wong was so rude... -.-"

choonshih said...

I seriously think that he was lack of sleep. Maybe soon I'll become like him, but with better English :p

LucasLost said...

is really LMAO...
i was reading and laughing none stop at the same time.