Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things I have done before PBIM 2013 (3/4)

Seems like I am talking nonsense in Part 1 and Part 2, but anyhow I am committed to finish all 4 parts, so I have to do it now.

I have made some changes of the way I trained for PBIM. It might sounds a bit difficult or stupid but I truly believe that I have benefited from the changes and I recognize them as positive changes.

7. Longer run for each run
  • Last time, I used to run 5 to 7 km for each easy session because I saw that in people's training plan and even some of my running buddies are doing that.
  • After listening to Dr.Francis who recommended the 10K x 5 + 20-30K plan. I decided to switch and try that plan since he has done it, the margin of error is low. It is not that the 5K and 7K easy run is not working but rather the benefits that you expect to get from it.
  • Just do some simple mathematics, if I am doing a 5K easy run and increased to 10K easy run, it is a 100% increment!!!! If I am doing a 7K and now 10K, it is still a handsome 43% of extra work.
  • Of course at the beginning, my body faced tough times adapting this but that is the time determination and persistence play their role. If feel not well, take it slowly and try again the next day, or take a day off.
  • When the 40% of extra work stacks up over a few weeks, I feel the difference. I think 10K is the minimum I had to do during easy run days, that was the commitment that I have made to myself.
  • In some days, I stretched it to 12 or 13K, which have brought great benefit for me to run economically and laid a good fundamental to nail the Sub-4 full marathon.
  • After certain period, you will notice that running the 10K is getting easier and easier, which means your aerobic fitness is improved. I was running at 5:30 - 5:50 pace for easy run at the beginning but at the peak of the FM training, my easy pace could up to 5:05 - 5:15 min/km.

Easy runs were shorter is distance (April/May 2013)
Almost all 10K in every easy run (October/November 2013)
 8.  Utilize progression run
  • Sometimes we follow everything on the book, word by word, literally. It is quite same for running. When the training plan mentions tempo run for 5km or 10km, we hammer the asphalt or track for the exact mileage that it suggests. It is not wrong, but there many things that we could modify, change or improve to make it more suitable for ourselves, at the end, the body can honestly tells you whether there is any improvement.
  • Progression run could be taken in many ways but I am going to mention 2 only. First, progression easy run. Start running at easy pace and increasing the pace gradually to the threshold pace. In the easy runs, we start with ease and gradually push to the threshold limit, without adding too much stress to the body. Do it 1 or 2 times a week should be fine.
  • Imagine, if you could do this consistently for weeks, soon, running at the threshold pace is going to be easier because you have spend maybe 20 - 50% of your easy run pushing to the threshold pace. In no time, your fitness is going to improve.
  • Second is progression long run. Many full marathoners do LSD or long slow/steady distance training. Normally it is 30 to 90 seconds slower than the goal pace.
  • In progression long run, run the first half or 80% of the distance/course with easy pace. Then, run the remaining mileage with marathon goal pace or a faster pace that your body can take.
  • This can train the body to adapt running when the body is tired and wants to stop. Pay attention to the running form and breathing rhythm. Don't do it too frequent, try that maybe 1 in every 2 weeks could help. This could help you to run more economically too.
  • Don't overdo it, have sufficient rest if you could feel the stress of the workout.

Some pace change due to ascending elevation. (Not anywhere near to perfect progression)

Bad example of overdoing it too soon too fast at km-18 to 21.

Point 7 and 8 are just a couple of tweaking on the training method, it should be not very much different from what you might have been doing. I did that and I found that it worked quite well for me. However, I cannot guarantee that this would help everyone, maybe just serves as a reference.

Just 2 points to cover in the last chapter. woohoo...

To be continue...

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