Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Sub-standard Runs 2013

I thought 2013 is a year to slow down and indeed it is a slow down year, for me. Up to date, I have completed 4 Half Marathons, with Penang Run 2013/14 - Series 3 coming up this weekend; 4 Full Marathons and a couple of other runs.

Half Marathons:
I might have 5 HM under my belts in 2013, one short of 2012, but the timing for this year are quite 'slow'. I did not really have the 'will' or 'fitness' to compete, finishing is the only option I have/had. The most decent time that I had was during the Penang Run - Series 1 where we ran from Esplanede to Teluk Kumbar, the timing was 1:47:07. I am not quite happy with it although it was just 3 minutes out of my 21K PB. I walked... and I walked. This is not something a runner should do when competing at a higher standard, not sub-2, not sub-1:50 but to break sub-1:45 and run comfortably at the desired pace. Going to take Series 3 easy, will try new thing, like running according to condition, not pace, see how it goes.

Full Marathons:
4 out 5 full marathons that I ran in 2012 was sub-4:30, but up to date in 2013, 4 out 4 FM that I had ran was more than 4:30, if minus off the SCKLM 2013 which I was the pacer for sub-5:00, still 3/3 takes more than 4 and a half hour to complete the course. PBIM is the only chance that I have to set a new PB or at least run a marathon with minimal, or no walking. 5 weeks to race day and 3 weeks to beef up the mileage. It is not easy and I hope I could run a race that I am going to be proud of it.

Train wise, train safe.

That's all for now. Penang Run - Series 3. Hills O.o


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