Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is not right to steal, hence it shall be punished, but the motive or root cause shall be considered. Then, the severity of the punishment shall be applied. We are seeing theft of less than

I'm not trying to justify theft that was committed by the average people or poor people, but a fair trial shall be applied to all people in Malaysia. The poor would steal food, clothes, or goods for exchange for money, just to survive, compared to those endless gratification of the people in power, it is a great shame for the country.

The wealth gap or the distribution is widening, the rich is getting richer, the poor continue to be the poor or hardcore poor. We shall help them, educate them, so that they could reach the correct channels to sought for help, not by stealing.

I hope everyone can do a little to help the poor. They need the RM10 more than we do. We can skip the luxurious Starbucks expresso to buy them meals for a day.

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