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Things I have done before PBIM 2013 (4/4)

I cannot recall when and why I left this blog behind... or I should say, I cannot recall when and why I spend more of my time on more important priorities. As I was checking back this blog, not because I wanted to but because someone reminded me about this, my friend/colleague shared my blog and I was really embarassed for not finishing my sharing on things that I have done for PBIM 2013. Just to make myself aware of this, today is 3rd-August-2016, it is already 973 days since I left here.

Let's finish what supposed to be done almost 1K days ago -- finish the write up.

Below are the topics that I have covered:

Things I have done before PBIM 2013 (1/4) - Goal setting, know your race course, training plan

Things I have done before PBIM 2013 (2/4) - Mileage, identify weaknesses, focused workouts

Things I have done before PBIM 2013 (3/4) - longer run, progression run

9. Eat, rest and recover
  • Many people would think that more runs equals to faster pace and better endurance, it is correct if certain conditions are met.
  • I paid attention to how I felt everytime I finish a run, a hard workout like tempo run or a long run. I often do tempo run in the evening and I felt exhausted after the run, especially after a long day at work then it is compounded with a run to expand my limits. For weekend morning LSD, it is even worse that I felt very tired and tend to do nothing. All this is not good for a balanced lifestyle because running is stealing more time that it is required from me.
  • I did some reading and I found one very important quote.
  • Recovery is the time that makes you a stronger runner
    Then, I made some changes in my eat, rest and recovery routine. Previously I was not taking anything except normal Malaysian food as a run, but I have tried to drink chocolate milk after a run and the effect was quite good. Besides, I have started to take protein extract from soya beans after LSD to help my body recover faster. The soreness significantly reduced the next day.
  • Beside doing stretching, a gentle massage or using a foam roller helps too. I applied some massage oil on the thigh and calf muscles and massage it every night after hard work outs, it was 'painful' but the after effect is good.
  • I also make sure that I had enough sleep every night, for me 7-8 hours is sufficient. 7-8 hours quality sleep is very luxurious to me now because I have 'entertain' my one and a half year daughter nowaday, it was possible last time.
  • When I eat correctly, rest sufficiently, I can feel that I recover faster and I can push harder during the next workout. Practically, it is just like run, eat, sleep, repeat.
10. Be positive and exceute
  • Race day is like examination day. The closer it gets, the more things that you feel it is not alright but this is normal.
  • I have had set a clear goal and I have designed a good training plan to direct me towards the goal. I executed 70% of it, cannot claim a 'distinction' for myself but I have gave my best in the midst of daily things that I have to settle.
  • I knew the route very well, I knew my weakness, I have had tweaked my training to improve my weaknesses. I even stretched myself a little bit in every ends that I could and it is race day, there is nothing more that I could do other than deliver the result.
  • Well fueled and rested body is my utmost priority in the race week. I did my best to accommodate everything else, delegate when possible, what else do I need?
  • The answer is simple - I wish that the weather is on my side (but what if not)? So, to keep myself focus is not an easy job, I told myself to trust the process, to trust the workouts that I have done, to believe in myself that I can do it. We cannot do everything that we could and stand at the starting line and doubting ourselves, then what is the points of doing the marathon trainning for weeks and months?
  • No matter how, when I am racing for a target time, I will tell myself I CAN do it at the starting point. I will tell myself that I am doing ALRIGHT all the way, I always encourage myself in every 5km splits, although it was always dreadful in the last 10km but I will constantly tell myself to take it 1km by 1km.
  • My advise for all, remove negative thoughts from your mind, I know sometimes we doubt ourselved why we pay to suffer, why I am so stupid, "I should sleep in the bed now" will pop out from nowhere, it is important to remember why we want to do it at the first place - that is the goal. Manage your mind, let the mind leads and the body will follow.
To read about my PBIM2013 race report, you can click here.
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