Tuesday, July 28, 2009


昨晚,当我把相机里的CF卡插进 card reader 时,让我发现了一种虫,一种杀不死的虫。英语我叫它 worm, virus, trojan 等。Delete杀不了它,Format 杀不了它,下载了不下四个“消毒”软件也拿它没办法。

上网搜寻资料,也没很多资料,Windows 真的很脆弱,每隔不久就被“新”病毒侵犯, 但这只虫并不新,只是我不认识它而已。如果你,也就是人,没有在电脑安装抗毒软件,它“搭上”任何一台电脑就会开始繁殖。没了什么不妥,只是一直 autorun而已。


到最后,我也只能 suppress 它而已,看来好像是它的赢面比较大。


Sunday, July 26, 2009


“假期”并不是真正的假期,只是不用去公司,不需要很早就起床,不用一直听见“se lai der”,心情就是不一样。每天八点半才开车到美嘉广场附近上课,不需要开那么远的路程,单单是这样已经把我一半的精神省下来了。

上课的这段时间,吃了KFC, McD, Secret Recipe, Old Town, 和Sushi Queen,不用付一分钱。抵啦!可惜,明天又要回到那个地方了,希望一切都会好好的。



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solidworks 2009

这个星期在忙着 Solidworks training,好多 functions,学到很赶,这一步还不知道会不会就冲去下一步了,很担心学了会前工尽废,买了翻版回家好好练习,但是我家的电脑能够操作吗?我也不知道!

开心的是由免费午餐,或者说公司已经付钱了,所以就没跟它客气了。昨天 KFC 了,今天又 Oldtown White Coffee,真爽!

Solidworks 还是得学好!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Happily Broke

Life means expecting the unexpected things, that's not the end, you have to learn to accept it.

I'm want to take part in full marathon but due to my futsal games, I often get injured and that affects my training program. I want to get myself a heart beat monitor to let myself train for the full marathon but I am in a complicated T-junctions, because I want to get myself a DSLR flash, I think I can squeeze myself to acquire both of them as my 2009 presents.

However, my beloved "wife", whose name is Honda City PHM9812 was throwing tanthrum at me, the tyres puncture because of nothing. I planned to get the tyres change at40k, some how Goodyear tyres really cannot last that long. The official distance traveled is 29479. So sad... end up I have to pay RM770 for 4 new Michelin tyres. I really hope it can last at least 50k this round, as I paid for the quality.

So, how now? Tick tock, tick tock... I think the heart rate monitor will be omitted from my wish list, and I'm not doing full marathon this year. I'll pay full attention on getting the DSLR flash. Hopefully I can squeeze it out from somewhere of nowhere. Maybe I'll ask my boss, when are you going to pay me the 10% back?

I foresee something which I need to pay in coming months and it is getting tougher and tougher. I never want to position myself in this kind of situation. Hopefully I can live my life without those 'unneccesary' things, or broke happily and live happily.

Flash first... more trips coming. How am I going to save money? No way, unless I cut them out.