Friday, July 30, 2010

Fattening Brown Belt Week

It  has been a fattening week after the Taiping Heritage Run, because it was my brown belt training week for control phase, the final phase of the training. However, often after the training, the body weight usually out of control, because breakfast, lunch and even tea break is provided. If we are really hungry, we can scan the subsidize that company provides for extra food.

OMG, the food from the new chinese caterer is really good. The lunch that they have cooked for us is amazing, it is far far far better than the previous one, we were guessing whether the caterer is trying to give us some candy before the throat cutting price next round. We had 'koo lou yok', asam prawns, curry cuttlefish, fried chicken, sweet & sour chicken in those 4 days, not to mentioned that the chee cheong fun that I have missed during the first day of training.

The food simply too irresistible that I simply have to break my diet to take more, and more. Looks like I have to spend more time to get myself into the shape that I always wanted - that's about 2-3 kilos away, which is very difficult to cut down. I want to lose that flabby tummy.... and those extra flesh around my waist line. 1 kg in a month, camon....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back Sprain

It started to rain heavily as I was rushing towards my car to avoid getting my self sick. I'm prone to the 'a little' rain drops on my head. Unfortunately, I sprained my neck or back while bending my head to a lower position. It hurts. When the car hits the bump, it hurts. When the car is turning to left or right, it hurts. I think I need to see the 跌打shifu tonight, I cannot get the sweet and nice orientation even I tried hundreds of technique to correct it. (Don't try this at home, it is not advisable as you could make every thing worse!)

Then, I simply have to come to work. As I stopped at the pedestrian crossing traffic light in front of SMKBM, it turns to red, I was scanning for any movement from both the ends to see whether there is someone crossing. I guess there is an idea crossed my mind to beat the red light, as I supposed there is no one crossing in such a bad weather. I stopped 'chun chun' on the line, and another car also stopped beside my car, with ample space in between.

A car was speeding from behind, and it tried to go in between my car and the next one, however the driver made an emergency stop but scratched the Toyota Vios next to my car. I guess he saw the pedestrian, an old man with umbrella at the last minute. It was a relief for the old man, I guess, and myself, because it did not knock the old man down, and my car, of course.

Ladies and gentlemen... drivers, riders and pedestrians, please be careful whenever you are on the road or off the road.


Friday, July 23, 2010


It is not surprising that our own mind complicates simple things, due to the way we solve problems every day, our daily behavior, our skepticism, and the inability to see something in a simpler and bigger picture.

Friday, July 9, 2010