Friday, October 30, 2009

Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Van Wilder, a school liberator. Bring in party culture in military based Coolidge based institution. Can you imagine a college without kissing, drugs, boobies or anything that is fun. Well, Wilder does it all.

You'll see hot babes, occasionally half naked, this spices things up. Of course all those ugly and super disgusting things are no longer taken to the limit, just some shits from the famous dog with the largest testicles I ever seen, and a group of 'religious' girls moaning for salvation from dildos. Hilarious...

In Coolidge, the desire for sex and partying just being suppressed by certain rules and regulations, but deep inside, you know guys and gals are just craving for fun and excitement during campus life.

A typical lampoon US movie. Don't expect formal and proper story line, it never happen in Van Wilder movies. Personally, I like it because it is stress-less and you just got to laugh.

Rating: 4/5

Wednesday, October 28, 2009




Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Tournament

Modern people lack of excitements, they try to do something different in life, to fill the emptiness and get rid of boredom. Since long time ago, human fix the odds for cock fighting, football tournaments, and even election, now some clever people begin to find excitement in life betting.

All the world top class assassins gather at United Kingdom, the place with the highest number of CCTV in the world and fight for a luxury prize money of 1 million in a 24 hour tournament. You lose, you are out. If your are injured but not dead, you will be killed using the tracker implanted in the assassins' body.

The most exciting thing is, all this is LIVE broadcasting. You'll see athletic assassin, hot assassin, sick assassin, amateur assassin, pathetic priest, etc. After all, the best selling point of this movie is the odds and of course the action thrilled and blood bath scenes.

Not recommend for kids.

Rating: 3/5

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blood Donation

Donated 450ml blood today, but I was a bit shocked looking at my own blood pressure. It should not be that high, 131/70, I guess workplace does stress me a lot, maybe I should not care too much.

Initially I was thinking my previous donation was 6 months ago, but it happens that it was back dated to July 2008. OMG, more than 1 year ago already, and I am still thinking it was just a few months back.

Is this the sign of getting old? Anyway, I hope the blood really can help those who needs it. Amitabha.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

Thanks to a replacement holiday for Deepavali, I did something once again, which is climbing the Tokun Hill. It was not as easy as I thought, as I was thinking to give up half way because the muscles has not been in a good condition since the climb yesterday.

I was thinking how did I manage to climb Penang Hill last time? I did not train, but I still can finish with something. That's something special. hahahahaha!!!!

Unfortunately, I did it again! I had a feast again after the climb. Had a light dinner at home, but cann0t resist the temptation of peanut pancake, rojak, char koay kak.... haih... seems like I have to control.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abang dah gemuk!

Woosh... my weight keep increasing after Hari Raya and today just had a Deepavali feast. OMG, I always know that, and aware of my own weight because I weigh every day if I remember.

Today I went all the way to the top of the Tokun Hill, the feeling is great, it is almost 7,8,9 years I have not reach the top of it. I felt my leg muscles was struggling, and I was pushing myself go all the way without stopping and I did it. yea yea...

After that, I went to play football, just a casual one. Wow, my legs seems like cannot stand the work load. Almost cramp...!!! Luckily not.

It was very tiring, but I feel good because I think I burnt a lot of calories, but when I got home, my kepo maid said 'abang sudah gemuk'. It is never good listening to this kind of comment but this is the fact. I hope I can work it out, get myself fit within next two weeks, and I'm gonna challenge Genting trailblazer 2009.

Go, go, go... ChoonShih!!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aliens in The Attic

A family movie which bring us back to our childhood, fighting aliens, toy guns, video games, etc.

A group of kids encounter a few aliens from somewhere, and they are trying to conquer the earth. The alien has a remote controller which be able to control any human after the person being shot with some sort of gun, but it just works on adults only.

In order to protect their parents and the earth, they tried to isolate the adults from the house and prepare to have a battle with the aliens. However, things not always good smoothly.

The bad aliens look are ugly, the good alien is cute. I think that will make kids love it more. LOL... There are a few scenes which is very interesting, like the kids fighting using remote controlling on adults. It's funny.

Rating: 4/5

The Crypt

Do you have any thoughts of raiding a tomb? After watching this movie, I guess most people wants to cancel the plan as it is not as good as it seems to be.

The crypt is about a few guys tried to make quick money by exploring and raiding the tombs which believed to have some treasure buried underneath. For chinese, it is always not good to open somebody's tomb, and you will know why after watching this movie. Dead people is not always dead...

A typical 'B' class movie, and the story line and the making is not hitting the standard. A group of ladies and a man raiding a tomb? come on... Frequent black out scenes which is quite disturbing, and let people wondering what happened?

Not a really good one, as I fallen asleep watching it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad Vendor

Vendor is what we call the external salesman or marketing executive, I'm not sure whether that is the correct word. After referring to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the meaning is:

vend·or / Ñ 'vendJ(r); NAmE Ñ / noun
1 a person who sells things, for example food or newspapers, usually outside on the street:
street vendors
2 (formal) a company that sells a particular product:
software vendors
3 (law) a person who is selling a house, etc.
—compare seller

I just had a bad experience with one yesterday and today. He asked me to put up a seminar within half a day. I've done it given the short notice and available resources I have. He wants to bring a speaker from Japan, okay, no problem, but he did not even send me what is the title, topics and speaker profile. I guess he is as inexperience as I am. Never mind, I'll try to do whatever I can for him, so I successfully organize one, but will 7 participants only. Is that good enough?

When I was having my lunch today, he called and he wanted something that he loans to company 2 days ago. Another short notice, F***! I'm having lunch, he says he is waiting outside of my company. Can all this arrangement be done earlier?

Headache... and my temper rose, because I hate sweating while not exercising and I have to run up and down to return that thing to him. Banyak soi~!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Risk Tolerance Score

After reading the whole analysis, I really think that I am a self-conflicting person because my risk tolerance and risk-taking behavior are not the same. More towards the safe side. Sienzzz....

Take a free risk tolerance test from FinaMetrica

Your Risk Tolerance Score

Your Risk Tolerance Score enables you to compare yourself to a representative sample of the adult population. Your score is 70. This is a very high score, higher than 97% of all scores.

When scores are graphed they form a bell-curve as shown below. To make the scores more meaningful, the 0 to 100 scale has been divided into seven Risk Groups. Your score places you in Risk Group 6.

In answer to the last question, you estimated your score would be 70. Congratulations! You picked your score exactly. Most people under-estimate their score by a few points.

Your Risk Group

The description of Risk Group 6 which follows provides a summary of the typical attitudes, values, preferences and experiences of those in your group. Five of your answers differed from this description. They are shown in italics below the relevant section. These differences fine-tune the description to you personally.

Making Financial Decisions

Most commonly they think of "risk" as "opportunity". They have a great deal of confidence, if not complete confidence, in their ability to make good financial decisions and usually feel very, or at least somewhat, optimistic about their major financial decisions after they make them.

They are prepared to take a large degree of risk with their financial decisions and are usually, if not always, more concerned about the possible gains than the possible losses.

You think of "risk" as "danger".

You have only a reasonable amount of confidence in your ability to make good financial decisions.

You are prepared to take a very large degree of risk with your financial decisions.

When faced with a major financial decision you are usually, more concerned about the possible losses.

Financial Disappointments

Typically, when things go wrong financially they adapt somewhat, if not very, easily.

Financial Past

Most have taken a large degree of risk with their past financial decisions. Most have also borrowed money to make an investment. About half have invested a large sum in a risky investment mainly for the "thrill" of seeing whether it went up or down in value.


They feel it is much more important that the value of their investments retains its purchasing power than that it does not fall. Over ten years, they expect an investment portfolio to earn, on average, at least three times the rate from CDs (certificates of deposit). Typically, they would begin to feel uncomfortable if the total value of their investments went down by 33%.

Given these portfolio choices,

Expected Return and Risk
High Medium Low
Portfolio 1 0 % 0 % 100 %
Portfolio 2 0 % 30 % 70 %
Portfolio 3 10 % 40 % 50 %
Portfolio 4 30 % 40 % 30 %
Portfolio 5 50 % 40 % 10 %
Portfolio 6 70 % 30 % 0 %
Portfolio 7 100 % 0 % 0 %

where stocks and real estate are high return/high risk and cash and CDs are low return/low risk, their most common choice is Portfolio 6.

It is somewhat more important that the value of your investments does not fall (than that it retains its purchasing power.)


If they were borrowing a large sum of money at a time when it was not clear which way interest rates were going to move and when the fixed interest rate was 1% more than the then variable rate, they would choose to have at least 50% of the loan at variable interest.

Government Benefits and Tax Advantages

So long as there was more than a 50% chance they would finish up better off than if they'd done nothing, they would take a risk in arranging their affairs to qualify for a government benefit or obtain a tax advantage.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Hills Run Red

At first, I think this would be something like Friday the 13th, especially the babyface in the poster looks like Jason. The story begins slowly... a young man trying to seek the truth and prove the existence of one horror movie maker, at least he thought so. He found his daughter, Tyler... and head to the woods to film a documentary show with his friends.

As usual, the bloody scenes is taking turns. I totally not expecting Tyler to be part of bloody story, and it is even more shocking that babyface is her son... and his father is Tyler's father. OMG... I started to wonder the relationship between son/grandson? The scene that a good looking boy cutting his face finally gets the story line, but it is definitely not something good to watch.

Those like to see bloody and human slaughter can give this a shot, but the ending part is not that good. Leaving someone to watch a movie how the producer/director kill people to make that film?

Rating: 3/5

How much money are you putting at risk?

Since I'm working, I'm assessing the risk in my money management and allocation using my terrible 6-sense, but I did that even while I'm still studying. Risk and reward is always a good topic to discuss.

I was involved in football betting since I was in Form 3 or so? I cannot really recall the exact year but I realized that football betting is not always winning. Just like the speculators or traders who try to beat the market in legal trading institution, only 5% wins.

Then by observing the analogy in stock exchange, I got to know that brokers always win, no matter what is the market condition. So I turned up to be a bookie, it works like a broker in stock exchange, just that it is illegal in Malaysia, or worldwide? I don't know. When the greed swallows you, you take more bets, and at the same time, you tends to lose more, because people 'zhao lo' when they lost over their limit. I realize that you are putting all your money at risk by being a bookie, not only that, even your own reputation if you got arrested. Never try this.

Bookie is always some history that I try to shrug off until today, it is not proud history in mu own life. I lost something dear for it, and you will know it just after a period of time later. It haunts you...

Then I move to legal investment, like unit trust, stocks, bonds and so on... made some money, but my terrible 6 sense always fooling me around, maybe it is not the 6 sense but the greed inside me. Haih... maybe human is too emotional. When you see more, you want more. When you are scare, you want less or even want to dump all in panic. It is never wise to do that.

How much money are you putting at risk is a good article, please read it here and all the associated articles, I guess you will be benefited by knowing your own risk behavior.

Quotes from Warren Buffett:
  • It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.
  • Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
  • You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Water Lily

I was amazed when I took this shot, because she is so beautiful. Even she is shy, but she looks absolutely amazing. Initially, I decided to take a few photos at my home compound, just to pass some time, but I found that if something is done with your heart, the outcome will be something special.

I like this photo very much. It is so pure. It is so beautiful and it is so true.

For more pictures: Facebook album - Home


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just another Saturday

I was cleaning my camera and I decided to take a few photos of Brandi. I think he is still camera-shy, like me :p ! Anyway, I think he is quite tired after running around this morning.

I have taken a few shots of him, and I think this one is the best that I could possibly get, he was so calm and resting on the floor. I guess the heat is making him quite uncomfy too, not to say me who have less hair than him.

He would probably miss my brother too since he has been leaving for a week already, hope that he won't feel alone at home, since I'm gonna play with him too. I love you, brandi.

Still got a few shots on flowers at my house compound, but I gotta go already. Going to have some fun with ManQing. Maybe next post.


Monday, October 5, 2009




Bro's Departure

Brother's departure to Klang means that more responsibilities will fall on my shoulder. I think mama and papa will miss him very much, other than 2 sisters in UPM and Cyberjaya. I hope he will do his best and achieve whatever he is looking for, not forget to call back home, because my parents sure to miss him very much.

Bro, all the best in Klang.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear MQ, Happy Birthday!

Dear ManQing,

Wish you have a sweet, happy and memorable birthday!
Hope you like the posterized present!
It is your day, make it big, make it a crazy day.
Come on... cheers~!

With best wishes,