Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh ou... KOTR and PBIM

What do you think when you see KOTR and PBIM? My wife asked me that, I told her that it is King of The Road, PBIM? Of course it is something related to running also laa... it is Penang Bridge International Marathon. I saw that I set a pretty 'ambitious' target even without knowing the taste of running a full marathon. Now I have completed 2, one with 5h43m, and the most recent one is 5h22m, only 21 minute improvement, which mean 30 seconds improvement from each KM.

You know what? The target was set at sub4.5h. OMG... how naive I was, or I should say how I'm totally out of the condition, lack of the fitness and stamina to really 'run' the 42km, because I managed to run not more than 25km, I guess. Still have a lot to do with my legs. Hope I really can take some time in September and October to boost up my running.

Actually I did not make any pledge to finish 3 marathons, don't know where the heaven it comes from. Since I always think that I made that promise to myself, so I register for the last full marathon for myself in 2011, hope I can finish it with flying colours. Then, I will have my own collection of 3 full marathon finisher T's. :P

Still have a lot of work to do to beat the KOTR in October, but you never know how good you can be, without really push yourself to the limit. Here I come.

KOTR 2011 - 16.8km

 PBIM 2011 - 42.195km

Take a good rest for a few weeks to prepare for my own wedding, and get the house to be done.

=good luck=

Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Double Chin

It is not good to see, not good to look, but I actually felt great posting for the shot, because the finishing line is just 20 meters ahead...

Sorry for contaminating your sight, but you should know that you don't expect to see only good things here, right? Just like every day life, nothing goes smoothly and peacefully...

Managed to shave around 20 minutes from Sundown Marathon 1 month ago. I shall target to do better for PBIM then :P

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We M.A.D.ed

MQ and CS are becoming MAD, it is not the insane mad, but we have Make-A-Difference. With a little contribution from everyone, we can make a big difference. I have donated some money to SPCA Selangor, in case you do not know what is SPCA, it is called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenseless animals and to alleviate their suffering. They receive more than 700 unwanted, homeless or abused animals every month. They provide an adoption program, investigation of cruelty reports, humane education, assistance to community animal caregivers and run a dedicated, low-cost spay/ neuter clinic. They also lobby the Government and local municipals for humane treatment of animals and harsher penalties for perpetrators of crimes against animals. 

Founded in 1958, SPCA is a well-respected and trusted Non-Profit Organisation. Over the years, the organisation has gained tremendous goodwill, recognition and support from animal lovers all over Malaysia.

Hope this world will become a better place for human, and also the animals.
They own this land too.

-Let's contribute!-

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Few Things I like About Singapore

  1. It is a vibrant city. Relatively more modern than Kuala Lumpur, not to mention Penang. Guys and ladies dress up nicely to work. Most OL even dress up sexily, revealing the cleavage of fortune (no offense), it is good to look, not sure whether good to hold.
  2. The city is safe, much much safer than Kuala Lumpur. I can leave my luggage somewhere in front of the wash room and not worrying a second that it would be missing. In KL, ermmm.... I hate to say that, but things tend to get lost.
  3. People Q' up. Singaporean or some other people in Singapore might think that 'WTF, every day need to queue up for everything'. I totally disagree. I like the organized way, because I do not like what I'm seeing some old uncle aunty take it for granted. Yeah, you have the privilege but respect is earned.
  4. The public transportation system is fantastic. The MRT, LRT even public buses have tolerance of +/- 5 minutes, but Rapid KL could easily beat the mark by 3-6 times slower.
  5. Singapore Dollar (SGD) is a strong currency. I was born in Penang and live in Penang since then, I pay MYR1.95 for one litre of RON95 and in Singapore I pay SGD2.00; not much of different though. BUT... I could earn MYR4000 with 3 years working experience, and SGD3500 in Singapore, but the cost of a pair of Asics shoes MYR299 and SGD125 for the same thing. One economy rice with 2 meat and 1 vege is SGD2.50, and RM4 is considered cheap if you happen to know one.
That's all. I'll add on if I can think of more....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Not sure whether anyone notice that I'm not happy... even myself always doubt that whether I'm happy or not. Maybe I spent too much time thinking about it, so that makes me unhappy? I bought myself one pair of Nike walking shoes, I thought that would cheer me up, but seems like it is does not related to suppression of shopping desire.

It might be due to work, home, etc.... or I'm just too tired. I need a rest. I guess it is full trip nap for the flight later. Don't think too much.... I'm a happy man, have a good job (although not confirmed yet), driving a nice car, a married man, have a pair of good parents, ...., ...., ...., still have money in my pocket.

Unhappiness is false?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lesson Learned until 12 June

Just a summary of the learning...
  1. Do not wait for others to come to you, go after what you want. No one should bother about your reputation except yourself.
  2. Believe that people always make mistake, intentionally or accidentally, so double check, especially when you sign contracts or agreements.
  3. When you have to really spend money or resources on something, make it the best, or at least make it better. Else, why do it?
  4. Don't overestimate and underestimate yourself. Lift something up and, if that's necessary, lay it down, like a man.
  5. Love your life partner, because he/she will love you back twice as much.
Every day there's something new, there's something to learn, you have to really 'look' into it.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sushi Q

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi Box + Miso Soup + Hot Green Tea from Sushi Q for RM11.90 instead of RM23.80 (Pork-free)

Honestly, do you think that buying just one set is not enough? because I wanted to belanja my dear,but it seems so delicious. It is eaither at 1 Utama or MidValley only, and it is going to happen at the end of this month :p

Sushi Q, hope that it is 100 times better than Sushi K*** and Sushi Q**** that I've tried in Penang.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Early Gift for Father's Day

Father's Day is not here yet, but the gift is. MQ and I have gave this gift to my father, it is totally my idea but not totally without any reason. Let me go through the rationale for it:
  1. It is a need. Since taking up the job, my father has to wake up early, groom himself with Gillette and foam. Time is money, now he can do it on his way to work, probably get another 10 minutes sleep?
  2. It is a bargain. Retail price is RM179, some being sold at RM149. I bought it at RM117.
  3. It is a good gift. I bought things for my parents but most of them are not applicable. I want to get them 'useful' things.
  4. It is an high tech gadget. Special shaving blades which I know nothing about.
  5. It is rechargeable, means it is more environmental friendly. I full charge stands for a week, it even got a 40 minutes low-batt indicator. Wow....
Assumed that I paid RM120 for it, and a RM20 blade for a automated shaver, the balance is RM100, divided by 5 good reasons to buy, probably more, each reason is RM20, then divided by 2 again, if MQ shares the same ideas as I do. You do the math, it is a MUST-BUY~!!!