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Race Report - JSP City Run 2012

Event: JSP City Run 2012
Date: 01 July 2012
Location: Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Distance: 8.0km (6.98km)
Registration Fee: RM20 (Men Open)
Gears: Asics DS-Trainer, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: 7.30am
Running Time: 00:30:54
Pace: 4:26 min/km

I knew my stomach was not good for glutinous rice at night, but I still took the black glutinous rice dessert at home, because mom has cooked a big pot of it, so I was not going to waste. This gave me the washing machine whole night. Like usual, I was up early to prepare for the race, this time at 5:45am, you know what? The race only started at 7:30am, but it has became a Sunday routine for me. Waking up at 5:45am was quite late, compared to LSD days that I had to drag myself up at 3:30am.

Made myself a Milo and continued to munch those expired chocolate cookies, they are/still fresh because my stomach took it well. I read from somewhere that the label that in printed expired date is actually the date the product must be removed from the counter, does not mean that it is bad though. I'm not sure how true is it, you better find out yourself. Then, I filled in plain water into Gatorade bottle for wifey and another one with honey (energy) drink for myself, because most of the time I am heavily dehydrated in the morning after sleep and my mouth and lips would turn dry, I hate that.

Then, FB for a while, checking some update and glad to know that Alwin, Kenny and Raja Uda Idol would be there as well. 6:30am, I woke my wifey up, I made her a tuna bread slice that off we go at 6:50am. I wanted to go early because I did not get my bib yet.

When we almost reach Jit Sin Independent High School, the traffic was so congested, RELA members were helping with the traffic coordination, I saw a yellow line spot, just parked it in since it was a race day, I guess the mata-mata will give face kut.

When I stepped into the school with wifey, there were already many runners there, I greeted some of my friends before getting my bib (the most important thing in race). I was so nervous that I forgot to put on my bib and took me seconds to realize it after claiming it from the counter. Maybe I was thinking how to grab 1 out of the 30 limited finisher medals.

Get myself prepared and keep hydrating myself, talking to Kenny and others, most people also want the limited medals badly. I updated my FB status to 'Many dogs with limited bones'. Expect a tough battle. There were so many students too, they were called to assemble at the main road, I thought they start first? Can't be?!!!!! Else, we need to zig-zag to go past them. Luckily, the men open started first. Saw a few Indian runners and one black (I do not have a word to use, maybe African) runner too. The chances was getting slimmer and slimmer, but I will fight for it.

It was only by count, 3, 2, 1 then go... Many runners were likely caged animals, flying ahead with 3 minute pace, I knew I cannot sustain that pace, so I tried my best to keep the distance, viewing distance, by that time, I was doing like 4:00 pace too.... too fast for me. I adjusted myself a little bit because I rather finish within 30 than puncture in the middle.

I was quite familiar with the route because I live here for so many years already, since I was born? I was not quite sure when I saw the schematic route that is printed in the registration form but whatever, I know the way to go at any turns the front runners take.

We ran past Convent Girl School, SRJK (C) Kim Sen (my primary school), then we're officially on the busiet Jalan Kulim, the road that links Bukit Mertajam to Kulim. Eric Lim and many runner still ahead of me, I was nervous, thinking that am I out of the top-30? That's the case when they mix Men Open and Veteran together, expect a dog fight. I even told Kenny that we had to tackle or kill someone to get hold on the placing for medal. Luckily not.

We ran past St.Anne Church, pace at 4:30, I guess I have to settle with the pace because any faster I will be out of breathe soon, any slower, no medals. I forgot at what distance that I ran past Eric and Hafiz, but it should be in Taman Alma. Then, we ran towards B-Garden and took a route that I never use before. I could see 3 runners running in a pack but that's almost 100 meter away. I composed myself, it is not the time to push further yet.

Then, we ran out from Taman Berjaya Indah and ran in the road behind Kim Sen. I saw female runners in front of me, so I had to hunt her down, managed to do so before getting into Jalan Kulim again. My Garmin 405 showed that the distance was only 6km plus and I was ready to push but as soon as we ran past the District Hospital, seems like it was the end of the race already, I knew that it was going to be under distance, I did not have to chase because there was no more margin and my energy was depleting fast.

The street has became very busy, I just flagged my hand to signal the cars before I crossed the road, even the race marshals were doing their job. Wifey was there taking photos so I posed for her. As soon as I entered the school compound, one told me to run towards the finishing point at the middle of the field and I just cruised myself past it at 30 minutes 54 seconds.

They handed me a laminated tag with "10". Yes, I made it and I quickly went to exchange the ribbons for drink. Then, I saw Kenny and Eric they all coming back, I saw them with medal but how come I don't have? I quickly went back to ask for it again and they told me that I would get it from the prize presentation ceremony. Geeez.... luckily got medal.

I got myself a quick shower and changed into casual wear before heading to one Indian shop opposite the road to have roti canai and teh ais. I could not finish 2 roti canai, maybe I was still tired. Wifey was satisfied to have her favourite evil food (roti canai is not an healthy food that can be consumed daily, you'll get fat easily). We went back, talked to friends, waited for sometimes, then we left after I have got myself the 10th placing medal.

Race Summary:
  • I believe the honey drink is helping for certain degree and the pre-race run that I had in Mengkuang to test out my Asics GS-Trainer got me into the condition.
  • Satisfied with the pace that I did but I believe I could go faster, if I can execute my training plan for PBIM 2012.
  • I love my RED Asics DS-Trainer 16.

You can review the Garmin Connect data here or

Race Review:

  • Good wave start to prevent chaotic condition on the road.
  • Acceptable traffic control by Traffic Police Officers, RELA members and others.
  • Ribbon to exchange for drinks, slow runners are taken care of.
  •  No exact marker or label to direct runners to the race route, cause some runners to run over distance.
  • Schedule was not planned properly, race starts at 7:30 to 8:00am, but prize presentation was at 10am. Much time wasted.
  • Mixed Men/Women Open and Men/Women Veteran that make it a dog fight. Certificates shall be distribute to all finishers.
Until then, 2 weeks to Shape Run and no more races until August 2012.

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